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What We Do

Resource Management Planning

Avanzar Consulting has staff that are experienced and successful in all facets of resource management planning. Our staff are familiar with the level of information required by councils, and are able to assist you to make sensible decisions based on complete and accurate advice.

Antoni is currently a board member for the TRIPS database which is used to estimate traffic generation and parking requirements for proposed developments.

Land use and subdivision consents

Marshlands Rd Development, Christchurch

Avanzar Consulting staff have experience and proven track records in:

  • Large scale residential subdivision and land use consents
  • Applications for non-residential activities including retirement villages, showhomes, preschools, commercial developments, retail complexes, signage consents, industrial activities, heritage buildings, health facilities, educational and spiritual activities, rural subdivision and land use, tourism and tourist accommodation activities and residential development of any scale.
  • Coordinating necessary Environment Canterbury approvals such as discharge and land use consent applications.
  • Processing of consent applications on behalf of Territorial Authorities.
Policy Planning - Plan Changes - Master Planning

Our staff have recently been involved in the preparation of both large and small scale private plan changes in the fields of industrial developments, rural lifestyle developments and complex, large greenfields residential developments. Our planners are experienced in dealing with all facets of the plan change process from start to finish, and will explain the intricacies of the process and deliver sound timely advice throughout your project. We are familiar with the challenges that face such developments and are able to apply our experience and expertise to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible result.

We are also experienced with the Master Planning Process and always enjoy the opportunity to direct our expertise and ideas into this field of planning.

Submissions and advice on proceedings under the Resource Management Act 1991
  • Our staff are available to assist with the preparation and presentation of submissions on Local Authority plans and policies.
  • Our staff are available to advise on all resource management matters, and can facilitate the provision of additional professional services from complementary firms if required.
Site and development feasibility studies, including post earthquake development advice

A project will only work if the appropriate level of initial research is carried out to ensure that a project is appropriate and feasible. Our staff pride themselves in keeping up to date with development trends and are able to advise and assist you to achieve the best possible solution to your development needs.

Expert witness/Hearings

Our staff have experience in presenting expert evidence at Council and Environment Court hearings and mediation.


Site Development

Being a small multidisciplinary company allows Avanzar Consulting to manage the provision of the key services required to develop a site successfully.

Having multidisciplinary capability ‘in house’ enables significant cost and time savings on your project. Our staff prefer to work in an integrated collaborative manner and a team focus on results ensures that development outcomes are maximised. At the beginning of a project, we will provide you with detailed costing estimates and timelines, and will report on these on an ongoing basis throughout the project.

We have excellent relationships with a range of preferred providers of additional services that may be required in the development process, such as surveyors, architects, landscape architects, urban designers, infrastructure designers and structural engineers.


Traffic & Transport Engineering

Our company has advanced expertise in traffic and transport engineering. Our staff have many years of experience in the many facets of transport engineering and have the resources to provide professional traffic engineering services for both small and large scale infrastructure projects. We can provide the following technical services in the field of traffic and transport engineering:

  • Technical audits for road controlling authorities to assess safe and efficient function of roads
  • Stand alone traffic impact assessments to accompany consent applications, plan changes or submissions.
  • Safety audits of roading projects carried out by local and national road controlling authorities and safety audits of developers projects as are becoming required more often by local authorities
  • Innovative traffic design solutions
  • Attendance at Council and Environment Court hearings as an expert witness.
  • Provision of general traffic and transport engineering advice.